Day 2 : Smile along.

Hello everyone. In the below pic, it’s me with my little one. Her smile is like thousand sunrises for me. Inspired by her smile, I have tried to pen down my feelings in a poem. Let me know how you like it.

🙂 !Smile! 🙂

Smile all the way,

No matter if it’s dawn or the dark.

As we are not here to stay,

So let’s leave behind our smiling mark.

Life will always give some hiccups,

An imperfect blend of sweet & bitter.

Smile transforms bad ones to good and worst to better.

Smile is contagious,

but not a disease.

So much advantageous,

It brings all of us at ease.

So, sprinkle the magic around,

With your dazzling smile.

Uproot the agony aground,

And flaunt your pain in style!


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